St John Rocky Zabargad

Rocky Zabagard and St John

Our starting point will be the Hamata Marina located roughly 2 hours (165 km) south of Marsa Alam airport.

This harbour is the nearest to St John’s Reef which we will reach after about 10 hours of navigation.

But before anchoring in the area of St John’s Reef, we will be able to moor on Abu Galawa reef whose main feature is a small wreck with a large variety of marine life. It is ideal for a check dive or on the way back from a night diving cruise.

The large reef Shaab Sataya is also named Dolphin Reef due to the numerous dolphins which can be found there.

This place was well-known for its Roman remains, even though unfortunately, many have now disappeared due to the irresponsible nature of some visitors

Shaab Claudio is, on the other hand, a labyrinth of caves which are easy to visit, because of its large openings onto the surface of the sea. It has also become famous because of its stunning scenery. We will pass in front of the tip of the Ras Banas peninsula which surrounds the gulf of the ancient Berenice and will spend the night near the Sirnaka Island where a wreck awaits us

St John’s Reef is a large reef of 21km by 13 located under the Berenice peninsula and crossed by the Tropic of Cancer. This area offers numerous dive sites thanks to the many “abilis” a name given by locals to indicate reefs that reach the surface which come from a reef flat located at depths between 60 and 80 metres and only accessible by cruise or mini safari

The drop offs  covered with gorgonian and black coral attract the large pelagic fish. Grey and white tip sharks, fox sharks and hammerhead sharks. The dance of the manta rays under the eyes of the napoleon fish and grouper fish offer divers a spectacular show

On the reef flat, under the sun’s rays a fairyland of colours will come to life on the remains of the reef and will make you want to stay as long as possible to see this stunning scene. Habili ali ,Abu Basala, Gotaa Hemera, Fendira, Shaab Om Aruk, Habili Gafar, Gotta kebira, Gotta Sogayara, Dangerous reef, Paradise reef, Umm Kararim (cave St Johns) are just some of the possible dives during your cruise.

During the week we will go further East and visit the Rocky and Zabargad islands for one day

The final itinerary will be adapted according to government regulations, weather conditions, the level of  expertise of the divers and their wishes.