Liveaboard Mythical Blue hole

This is an add on to the Ras Mohamad and Tiran Cruise. We will prioritise the dives to different coral reef sites up to Detroit de Tiran passing through mythical wrecks such as Thistlegorm

The Ras Mohammed National Park is located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.  It spans an area of 829 km2 of land and sea and surrounds Tiran Island


From The Strait of Tiran passing through Ras Mohammed, you will completely discover the fauna and the flora of the Red Sea as in your dreams. Napoleon fish and ray mantas swim side by side in the stunning coral gardens. The sight of whitetip sharks performing and then disappearing as quickly, is commonplace. Renowned for its shoals of fish that can hide underwater brightness, Ras Mohammed has one of the most remarkable dropoffs in the world and this, coupled with its vertical walls, makes dives there always surprising.

The Tiran Strait shelters 4 magnificent coral reefs which line the surface : Thomas Reef, Gordon Reef, Jackson Reef and Woodhouse Reef. Named after British cartographers who mapped them. Located in the centre of the strait, the narrowness of these reefs brings a current regularly which shows numerous pelagic fish. The diversity of their coral is famous worldwide and it is not a rare occurrence to run into a shark or a turtle. There is also a large wreck on the outside of the reef like a warning for passing ships.


Diving in Thomas Reef, the smallest of the reefs of the strait is largely dependent on the weather conditions, since to the far north and south of the reef, the very powerful currents often put the divers off course. Formed of vertical drop offs in large areas of 25m, the corals are surrounded by large gorgonians. This plateau accommodates sleeping sharks amongst other species. Fascinating but watch the current !

Gordon Reef has a different topography from the other reefs. The dives can be carried out as a drift or from anchorage. Next heading east as far as the drop off submerged under 16m, it is common to run into a shark following the garden eels which prance about in the current. You might also meet containers embedded in coral concretions

Woodhouse Reef is the longest of the 4 reefs. The dives are carried out as a drift normally from the south towards the north. At the southern tip about 30 miles away a sheer wall dropping gently downwards and covered with coral shelters sleeping sharks. Great care must be taken passing through the places where the reef sinks beneath the surface in the direction of Jackson Reef because it’s an intersection of several very powerful currents.

Jackson Reef is the furthest north from Detroit. The dives are normally carried out from the anchorage. The boats are anchored in an area of weak current opposite a 40 m drop off. One of the most remarkable aspects of the area, is the wonderful sight of the coral garden sheltering  the numerous species of sealife

The Straits of Tiran are the narrow sea passages between the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas which separate the Gulf of Aqaba from the Red Sea proper. The distance between the two peninsulas is about 13 km and they separate the Arabic and Sinai peninsulas. Their name comes from Tiran Island located in the southern tip of the strait. It is an idyllic route for lovers of scuba diving


The Blue Hole is a submarine sinkhole, located near the coast with a depth of approximately 100m. known as "the saddle", and a 26 m (85 feet) long tunnel, known as "the arch", whose top is at a depth of 55 m. On the seaward side, the depth drops steeply to over a thousand metres  deep. The hole and the surrounding area have an abundance of coral and reef fish.

The Blue Hole at Dahab is believed to be the deadliest dive site in the world. Divers are attracted by the depth, the clarity and the magic of the place. 3 dives are planned at this site. Caution and safety will be ultra present.

As always these sites are given as a guide. The dive sites will be decided according to weather conditions and technical factors.