liveaboard North Ras Mohamed &Tiran

Ras Mohamed Tiran ( Best of Tiran)

The liveaboard Ras Mohamed Tiran, also called Best of Tiran, contains dives at different coral reefs until the Strait of Tiran and includes various legendary wrecks, such as the Thistlegorm and Rosalie Moller.

Ras Mohammed National Park is lying on the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula. It extends over 829 km2 of land and sea encompassing the island of Tiran.
The Strait of Tiran and Ras Mohammed involve the discovery of the fauna and flora of the Red Sea where you can only dream of. Napoleons and manta rays swim side by side in beautiful coral gardens. The appearance of white tip sharks in numbers before disappearing as suddenly as they came, is also common. Ras Mohammed has one of the most remarkable drop offs in the world and with its steep walls dives are always surprising.

The Strait of Tiran has 4 beautiful coral reefs that fringe the surface: Thomas Reef, Gordon Reef, Jackson Reef and Woodhouse Reef, baptized with the name of British geographers that mapped the reefs. Located in the middle of the strait, these reefs are often subject to a current, giving the chance to see many pelagic fish. The diversity of their corals is world famous and an encounter with a shark or turtle is not uncommon. A large wreck is planted outside the reef as a warning to ships passing by.

Diving at Thomas Reef, the smallest of the reefs of the Strait, depends a lot on the weather conditions, as at the north and south end of the reef very strong currents often occur. The corals are formed on vertical drop-offs and a wide plateau at the 25m zone surrounded by large gorgonians. This plateau is hosting, among others, sleeping sharks. Fascinating but take care of the current!
Gordon Reef has a different topography than other reefs. Diving can be done via a "drift dive" or via mooring and then moving eastwards to the drop off at 16m depth. It is easy to spot a shark following the garden eels swimming in the current.

Woodhouse Reef is the longest of the four reefs. The dives are done via a "drift", generally from south to north. At the southern tip, on ca. 30m depth, a drop off  is  gently sloping and covered with coral homes of sleeping sharks . Divers have to be very careful in passing the place where the reef plunges beneath the surface in the direction of Jackson Reef, as it is a crossroad of several powerful currents.

Jackson Reef is the most northern reef of the Strait of Tiran. The dives are usually performed from the moorings. Boats are mooring in a zone with a weak current, facing a drop off of 40m. Among the most notable of the area, the coral garden with many aquatic fauna is amazing.

The Strait of Tiran consists of narrow strips of sea extending over 13 km and separates the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea. It separates the Arabian Peninsula and the Sinai Peninsula. It is named after Tiran Island located at the southern tip of the Strait. It is a dream itinerary for dive fanatics.

As always these dive sites are provisional, as the decisions on the reefs that will be dived are depending on weather conditions and technical elements.