Wrecks & Ras Mohammed


Murène javanaise

SS Thistlegorm

Heinkel He 111

SS Thistlegorm


A liveaboard accessible to all levels. Rich in variety with an interesting mix of wrecks, coral gardens, drop offs and drift dives.

Type  Liveaboard
Duration  6 Days
Number of dive  16 dives  minimum
Diving level required  Level 1 or Padi Open Water Diver

-  Sha'ab El Erg: beautiful reef inhabited by schools of dolphins
  • Ras Mohammed, at the southern tip of the Sinai:

Between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez the waters of the two straits meet and often form strong currents. As a result of these strong currents, numerous pelagic species are often passing by.
Breathtaking steep walls and excitement guaranteed!

The most extraordinary diving can be found on "Shark Reef" and "Yolanda Reef!"
Excellent dive with "Shark Reef" as a starting point and a drop off plunging to -800 m!
We will dive along this fantastic drop off and then ascend to the plateau in the direction of "Yolanda Reef", which will present you its magnificent coral formations, impressive collection of multicoloured sponges and fan corals.
An abundant and thriving fauna: giant moray eels, napoleons, turtles, groupers, batfish. 

And finally, the "Yolanda" a Cypriot cargo vessel that sunk in 1980 and gave the site its name.
Today only a part of the cargo and the debris the wreck left after slipping down the reef remains.

On this site you can often make pictures of a head of a moray coming out of a……..toilet pot. 

-The SS Thistlegorm: A bulk carrier of the British Merchant Navy built in 1940 by Joseph Thompson & Son in Sunderland.
It was armed with an anti-aircraft gun of 120 mm and a machine gun. During its fourth journey to Alexandria, in Egypt, it was bombed on 6 October 1941 near Ras Mohammed by two German bombers Heinkel He 111.

 The ship was carrying Bedford trucks, Bren gun carriers, BSA and Norton motorcycles, BREN machine guns and ammunition .303 British, various equipment and two locomotives LMS Stanier Class F8.
In 1950, Jacques-Yves Cousteau discovered a wreck that has become one of the most famous dive sites in the Red Sea.
Abu-Nuhas the "Ship graveyard".
The reef is located on the west/east in the sea route connecting the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean.
Some ships that passed the Suez Canal and came from the Strait of Gubal were hitting the surface of the reef and sank.

On its northern side are lying four well preserved wrecks:

The Carnatic: a splendid 90 meter long steamer of 90 m that sank in the night of 1869.
It is lying on a depth of 24 meters.
The story after sinking ... An expedition was set up to recover the cargo, 40,000 English pounds in gold bullion!
But only 32,000 pounds were retrieved, and until today the thieves have never been found ...

It is a fantastic wreck with a delicate charm.
The hull is covered with hard corals, colourful alcyonarians and sponges.
Inside the wreck divers will find "glass fish", lionfish, triggerfish, moray eels etc..

The Ghiannis D: Cargo ship of 100 meter long that sank in 1983 to a depth of 28 meters.
It had set sail from Croatia and was bound for Yemen, carrying a cargo of wood

The Chrisoula K: Greek cargo of 100 meter long and 3700 tons
sank on 30 October 1981.
Laying on starboard on 26 meter depth

The Kimon M: or “Lentil wreck” sank in December 1978.
It was carrying a cargo of 4,500 tons of lentils when it sank.
Nowadays it is home to a large colony of hatchet fish.


The Rosalie Muller:  cargo of 108 meter and sank in 1941 in the same week as the Thistlegorm.
A magnificent wreck resting on the bottom at a depth of 50 meter.
The top of the mast is at 17 meter from the surface.
This wreck can only be dived in calm weather.

The itinerary is not yet completely defined and will be developed according to requests and climatic conditions with an emphasis on the safety. However, chances are that we will visit these sites: El Fanous, Turtle Bay, Shaab el Erg, Siyul Kebira Island, Shaab Mahmoud, Ras Mohamed, Small Gubal Island, Big Gubal Island, Shaab Umm Usk/Siyul Saghira, Island Umm Gamar, Shaabruhr Umm Gamar, Careless Reef, Small Giftun